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Pratibha Dey is a visionary, author, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, teacher, and the founder of Chai Together LLC. Pratibha has overcome numerous adversities in the South Asian culture. Her academic background is in Interpersonal Communication and Education. She’s an advocate for women, children, and the elderly on her show Chai Together where she advocates for mental health and physical well being. Her upcoming book is entitled, “Resiliency: A Woman’s Journey From Scarcity to Success.”

About Me

I am more than enough catapults from never knowing that I was. I was looking to find myself the last 15 years of my life after numerous accounts of trauma, and what I discovered in the recent years is that I needed to be told I am Enough.

I had a friend give me a bracelet, which I still wear today that says these three words, and it just makes me feel so euphoric inside, and I want to share the feeling of these three epic words with all of you. Last year, I thought I no longer needed it now that I knew I was enough, however that same friend told me these words are applicable all throughout your life, whether you're already feeling enough or need the repetition to get there.


and I'm sharing this daily affirmation with you. It beholds capturing all of me and I want to share my essence with you. The power and embrace of these 3 words that have helped me overcome my life's challenges. Thank you.

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What makes Pratibha stand out is her honesty, her willingness to fight, and always be genuine no matter what she’s going through. She has a great story and she comes from authenticity. I really believe in her and her message. Most importantly, follow Pratibha and you won’t regret it.

- Craig M. Chavis Jr.,

Business Strategy Coach and Author.

Pratibha is one of most amazing people I’ve had the pleasure to meet.  Not only is she a fantastic client and student, she’s someone on a mission to change the world. That mission is in full effect as she is touching lives around the world in a daily basis.

- Jon Talarico,

Top Bob Proctor Wealth and Mindset Coach.

Pratibha has been just a wonderful person and a tremendous friend through all the years of knowing her. She's someone who takes time to listen to others and offers great advice for those seeking help with anything. Pratibha was someone I could rely on to be there for me when I battled my own issues even if it was just to hear me vent. I look forward to seeing the continuous growth of Chai Together and would recommend anyone dealing with issues of their own to join the group and to get in touch with Pratibha.

- Brannin Turner,

Lead Front End Developer at Alpha Solutions USA.